Rediscover Your Sense Of Clarity, Confidence And Self-Control with Our Anxiety Therapy Program.

Do I Really Need Anxiety Therapy?

Answer these questions (honestly) to find out whether you need anxiety therapy:

Do you worry too much about little, everyday things all the time?
Are you scared of relatively low-risk things to the point you avoid them altogether?
Do you get muscle tension, have panic attacks or digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome?
Do you think obsessively about social situations before they happen, or get vivid flashbacks?
Are your thoughts so loud they’re keeping you up at night?
Do people regularly say you have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or are a bit of a perfectionist?
Does the thought of one-on-one conversation or eating in front of people fill you with dread?
Would you really be here if you didn’t think you needed anxiety therapy?

Answer ‘yes’ to any of these? Then, anxiety therapy could be exactly what you need.

How Will Anxiety Therapy Help Me Get My Life Back?

At The RAW Org – Therapy & Coaching, we’ve walked in your shoes.
Our therapists have fought their own battles with anxiety, but have come out stronger and able to bat life’s challenges out of the park.
We understand the causes of and triggers for your anxiety, and know what it takes to calm those racing thoughts.

How Will Anxiety Therapy Help Me Get My Life Back?

Everyone gets anxious sometimes. But, if anxiety is stopping you living your best life, then it’s time to take back the reins.
Anxiety isn’t just one thing, though. You could be affected by one, or a combination of these types:

Generalised anxiety disorder: Wide-ranging concern and tension about everything and nothing.
Social anxiety disorder: Worry and self-consciousness about common social situations.
Phobias: Paralysing fear of something uncommon or not particularly dangerous.
Panic disorder: Panic attacks that are random or in reaction to something pretty minor.

Anxiety conditions

Anxiety conditions are characterised by a host of symptoms in varying degrees, such as:

– Panic, fear and worry
– Muscle tension
– Dizziness/nausea
– Insomnia
– Cold, clammy hands
– Heart palpitations
– Restlessness
– Dry mouth
– Shortness of breath

What’s Different About The RAW Therapy & Coaching Technique?

We’re certain that effective anxiety therapy can’t be boxed into standard hour-long weekly sessions.
We take a more hands-on approach. This starts with us spending time with you to figure out what makes you anxious and how your anxiety shows its face. We’ll then build a personalised programme around you as an individual.
Super-supportive group sessions are a great way to help you open up, see your condition for what it is and move past it.

Your programme could also include:

  • Taking you somewhere that makes you anxious (such as a flight) and providing on-the-spot advice
  • Focused one-on-one sessions to dig deeper into the causes of your anxiety
  • Retreats in Costa Blanca, Spain where you can focus on group work and relaxation
  • Self-help resources from the finest minds to help you back up what you’ve learned while at home
  • Don’t let anxiety crowd your personality and your dreams. Sign up for anxiety therapy with The RAW Org – Therapy and Coaching to make your anxiety a distant memory.

What Causes Anxiety Today?

Anxiety has always existed – it’s linked to our fight or flight reflex, which evolved to protect us from marauding prehistoric beasts.

Some of those risks still exist. But, today’s causes of anxiety have changed – and there are many more you’ll have to combat, such as:

– Workplace stress (long hours, impossible targets etc.)
– Problems at school (bullying, exam stress etc.)
– Physical trauma (injury, illness medication side-effects etc.)
– Technology (FOMO, unhealthy expectations, missing sleep etc.)
– Emotional trauma/loss (bereavement, divorce etc.)
– Financial pressures
Relationship/family issues

What causes anxiety has changed, but treatment methods just haven’t kept up.


If you or anyone you know is struggling, please contact a member of our team and we will help you take back control.


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