Addiction Therapy

Take control of your urges and get on that road to recovery. Find out more about our addiction therapy program.

Do You Really Need Therapy For Addiction?

Answer these questions (honestly) to find out if you need therapy for addiction:

– Are you fixated on specific behaviours?
– Do you get a kick from this behaviour, especially when you’re feeling off-balance?
– Have you felt anxious or low when you can’t satisfy your cravings?
– Do you sneak off, hide or lie to ease those cravings?
– Have your cravings affected your job or relationships?
– Have you done anything illegal or unethical to get your kick?
– Would you really be here if you didn’t need help?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, chances are you’re addicted (or, at least pretty close to it).

But, we can help.


Addiction is a tricky topic. But, you can define it as any repeated action you have no control over that’s become a burden on your life.
This scourge doesn’t just damage your health. It can ruin relationships with your partner, friends and family, wreck your professional life and leave you picking up the pieces.

Types Of Addiction

Think addiction is just about drugs and alcohol? Wrong! You can become addicted to just about anything – especially in a world as hectic and complex as today’s. These are just some of the most common addictions we treat:

– Drugs
– Alcohol
– Nicotine
– Internet
– Social Media
– Gambling
– Caffeine
– Shopping
– Sex

Now for the Science

Addiction actually changes how your brain works. That “ahh” feeling you get on a Friday after work, or when you achieve one of your goals – is your brain releasing a chemical called dopamine.
With addiction, your brain starts associating this ‘reward’ with something else. Because you get a little hit every time you earn this reward, your brain re-organises itself and makes you crave that thing ­ – even if it’s bad for your mental or physical health.
People (even therapists) used to assume people became addicted because they lacked self-control. Today, we know addiction can be caused by all sorts of physical, mental, emotional and circumstantial factors.

What Will Addiction Therapy Do For Me?

At The RAW Org – Therapy & Coaching, we’ve been exactly where you are now.
The listlessness, the complete lack of motivation; we know it well. But, our therapists came through their addictions, and – with our guidance – you will too! Based on our own personal experiences, our therapists can de-construct you then build you all the way back again.
We’ll give you the guidance and motivation you need to transform your entire lifestyle, drop unhealthy influences and, ultimately, conquer your addiction.

Therapy For Addiction Has Moved On

We’re done with those dusty old therapy techniques.
New theories and cravings demand a whole new way of thinking about therapy for addiction. That’s exactly what we’ll give you; a fresh approach mixed with real-life experience.

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We won’t just invite you in for an hour-long session once per week – we know that won’t work. We’ll build a tailored programme around you, made up of:

– One-to-one sessions
– Group sessions
– Real-life experiences
– Retreats
– Self-help resources


If you or anyone you know is struggling, please contact a member of our team and we will help you take back control.


Get started today! We are a friendly bunch. During our 30 minutes call together we will talk about your priorities and how you can overcome your challenges.