Couples retreat testimonial
Event Participants

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, by the time that weekend came I felt I had no issues at all, I felt me and Joe had dealt with day to day issues and thought we were solid and to be honest thought this would just be a ‘silly’ weekend and a chance for us both to have some ‘together’ time. However… being with another couple and seeing our issues were also a tad their issues ‘invaluable’. Seeing Alan roar and confront his demons ‘as much as I cringed was as much as I cried for him, it was truly astounding. It takes a couple of really good people with really strong compassionate caring hearts to be able to bring that out in someone, I really really was in awe. I thought I had buried all my past only to realise I hadn’t. It may have been uncomfortable, it may have been funny, and it may have been different, and taken me out… very very out of my comfort zone, but I had the best weekend I have had in years and today when I woke up, I stopped being so selfish and remembered how beautiful Joe really is, he is truly amazing, and yes, I do feel really really grateful. I remember every little thing every act of kindness, and I feel honoured, that he loves me. So, thank you, you helped me remember, the bad times were there yes, but when I woke up and saw him this morning, he was absolutely astounding, he does so much for me that I forget. You helped me remember. You both have massive hearts that listen and want to help people, I felt the love instantly (however cringy that sounds) but my God I woke today a completely different person, so Thank you so much, so much for caring and listening, I will never forget this weekend, I didn’t think I needed it but my God I did, perfect xxx beautiful people both of you” – Shelley, UK

“The Location, waking up around the cows and the chickens. Loved the Yard Barn area, very cosy. The staff were really friendly”. Shelley, UK

Couples therapy testimonial
Alan and Lucinda
Revolution Couple's Therapy Participants

“I loved how relaxed the sessions were, and how Marcus & Tracy were regarding painful topics. They would not push you to do anything you were not ready to do yet. I also loved the venue. Getting back to nature and sitting around the campfire really helped me to relax and open up. Glamping is also really fun! Tracy & Marcus were awesome! A really lovely couple who were always warm and encouraging.” – Alan, UK

“The campfire meditation and Shelley’s awesome process to deal with her mum/sister and son. I liked how it was safe and I never felt judged. Marcus and Tracy adapted the retreat around our individual needs”. – Lucinda, UK

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Ana Oliveira
Digital Marketing Consultant

“I always wanted to have my own company and to manage my own business but because I had a “secure” full-time job I was postponing this decision. Marcus made me realise that I had other options and that I was in control. He helped me making a plan and quitting my job to pursue my dream. I am very grateful for Marcus’ help.

The Raw Org helped with me creating the business plan for my company. Marcus’ feedback saved me from making many mistakes and, therefore, accelerated the success of my business. I felt a lot more focused and with a clear path ahead. I am very happy that I chose to work with The Raw Org”.