Marcus, Founder of The RAW Org

My work experience in the health field started at the mental health charity MIND where I was the fundraising manager. Although it was extremely rewarding organising events such as dragon boat races, abseil off a cliff on the south coast, (this conquered my fear of heights) and art exhibitions, I was not meeting my human need of contribution because I wanted more, I desperately, truly wanted to assist individuals and groups who truly needed support. Frontline was my destiny.

I volunteered at the Priory Hospital, (yes that well known one) and I was ‘home’. I finally found my true calling in life. As a peer supporter to people from all walks of life, I was given the opportunity to make a difference. Helping people with addiction, anxiety and depression, led me to study psychotherapy and I immersed myself in self-development. The investment in myself was the best investment I had ever made.

Coach and therapist Marcus

My Journey

While I was studying, I landed a role within another rehabilitation organisation. This one not so ‘glamorous’, trust me, none are. I became a ‘therapeutic worker’. Imagine being in a room of 15 ex-offenders… I was not daunted, they were just people just like me and you and I was truly making a difference and it felt amazing, my ‘void’ was being filled. I learned so much. Sadly, the divide between the therapy staff became too much. Therapists who studied purely from books and had no experience of alcoholism, drug abuse, anxiety and many more issues, began to see the clients warming to us, they did not like it, we the ones who had walked the walk of darkness were the enemy. This is common in the industry but it just is nonsense because we all fight for the same cause.

Then came the criminal justice sector. Prison’s and probation centres, my new passion. Assisting reforming those who had suffered terrible upbringings and turned to criminal behaviour including murderers, sex offenders and domestic violence perpetrators had me hooked. I needed to know why these people did what they do. More importantly, I needed to help reform them.
I qualified in several National Offender Management Service (NOMS) courses. I even rewrote an addiction program. If I had my way all the courses the government use need serious development. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) does not work for addiction but NOMS role it out like it saves the world. Again, the divide between staff became evident. I grew as a person dramatically, so I made the decision that the only way I could be free from the red tape, the adversity and to truly help anyone was to go it alone. The RAW Organisation was born…

I went onto qualify as an accredited world class coach. Learned from the best ‘Master Coach’ (the people who were trained and worked for Tony Robbins).

My Pain

After an anxious childhood my pain started at 9 years old. Fraught with divorce, anxiety leading to agoraphobia and eating disorders, I finally admitted I needed help at 17. I have suffered in silence for too long. My experience of therapy involved people three times my age, constant anti-depressants and a counsellor who crossed too many boundaries. At 24, I escaped to London, tried Harley Street, but just received more anti-depressants. I lost all emotions, I was numb. Alcohol and illegal substances became my saviour and self-medication. I wanted to please, but ended up losing my family, friends, girlfriends, jobs and living arrangements. The police came knocking, too. I didn’t want to die, but I didn’t want to live. Then, along came my daughter. I couldn’t look after myself let alone a new human being. I was spiritually, emotionally and financially bankrupt. Eventually, I was on my knees begging for help. The 40 days I then spent at The Priory Hospital was a gift I’ll always be grateful for. After blaming everyone from my past, I finally had to look at me.

My Recovery

Even the best rehab won’t fix you. They give you foundations but Only YOU can fix you. I knew what to do and had the motivation to act. I abandoned old associates and other negative influences. I had purpose. Helping others helped me. I studied at university, worked at a rehab centre and trained at The Priory Hospital. Then came an amazing role, reforming offenders in the criminal justice system. I received a ‘Master Coach’ qualification and wanted to save the world. Four years later, I lost a relative and my job, had disputes with an ex-partner, child custody battle, financial bankruptcy and a nightmare house sale to top it off. But, I didn’t run. I used what I’d learnt. I had two options; talk to someone who’d been through hell, or someone who’d read the right books. I found a guy who had successfully achieved both. A role model was vital for me. Don’t wait like I did – your time is now!

“And then one day, after all my persistence, I discovered my own light, my own inner hero. I snatched my power back and the game changed”.

Founder, Therapist & Interventionist

My Passion

My passion is simple. Helping others is my life. Putting you first. Treat you as an individual, listen with genuine interest and save you the time of trawling through what does and doesn’t work. I know my past trials and tribulations are now my gift. With true, genuine empathy, knowledge and using my own personal journey I can now assist you with challenges you face. You do not have to suffer any longer. The RAW Org has the solution you desire.


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